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We all want to look our best at all times. Permanent Makeup also known as cosmetic tattooing, is a practical solution to time consuming beauty routines that many of us struggle to perfect. With permanent makeup, you can reclaim your time and reinvest it into more important aspect of your life, all the while knowing that you are looking your best.


We are all beautiful, however many of us need a little help defining our facial features. With the use of cosmetic tattooing, Mindy’s can help enhance your natural beauty and correct asymmetries. Mature women can benefit from the uplifting effect of correctly shaped eyebrows and correct loss of color and definition in the lips.


Semi-permanent Makeup is a relief for those who lead athletic lives, those who have allergies to convention makeup, and those who are visually or motor impaired, or suffer from a alopecia.

aftercare treatment Microblading
Microblading Services in Oklahoma City


Mindy is a dedicated Permanent Makeup Artist who has been deeply passionate about all thing beauty and makeup for as long as she can remember. Right out of college, she began working as an Accountant. However, after two years, she couldn’t work behind a cubical any longer. The moment she saw perfectly microbladed brows on Instagram was the moment she opted for a career change. Beautifying brows has been her obsession ever since, and she also does permanent makeup for lips and eyeliner. Currently, she is the proud Owner of iBrows by Mindy.

   In addition to being Licensed and State-certified in Oklahoma for Micropigmentation (C.M.M), Mindy has completed five advanced in-person training & numerous online training: Ombré Powder Brows & Microblading in Houston, TX, Stardust Eyeliner, Luscious Lips, & Dazzle Brows in California, Nano Brows in Seattle and Foxy Liner & Lush Lips in Dallas.

During her free time, Mindy loves watching movies and going on shopping sprees. Above all, she enjoys spending quality time with her loved ones.  

With 100% positive reviews on Facebook and tons of happy clients, Mindy is here to help you feel beautiful both inside and out. Fun, sweet, and infinitely passionate about her work, she will turn your vision into a reality.

Mindy’s motto? “Eyebrows speak louder than words!”





She’s the best! It was very relaxing, and she takes her time to make sure you are numbed and not in pain. She listens very well, and was very thorough. I actually fell asleep half way through due to how relaxed I was. I highly recommend her to anyone who have thought of doing this and hasn’t yet. So worth it!


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