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  • 01. If I have my esthetician or cosmetology license will that count towards hours?
    While having a background in beauty gives you an advantage in cosmetic tattooing, it is a completely different license and will not count towards hours earned in a Medical Micropigmentation Program.
  • 02. I am moving to Oklahoma and do permanent makeup in another state. How do I apply for reciprocity to become licensed in Oklahoma?
    You will need to contact the State Department of Health as they can answer this question for you. ​
  • 03. I only want to do eyebrows. Does this mean I have to do training on lips and liner too?
    The OSDH requires state certified trainers to teach all three areas of focus in your Fundamentals course to become licensed.
  • 04. I am only interested in taking your advanced course. Do you offer these?
    Yes. You must be licensed in your state to take any advanced course with me. You will have to show proof of state licensure as well as proof of your current Bloodborne Pathogen Certification. ​​​
  • 05. Do you offer financial aid for your fundamentals program?
    Financial aid is not provided for my program. Most reach out to their financial institution (your bank) to pay for the course.
  • 06. Are there any state fees on top of the cost of the course?
    Yes. The initial application fee is $515 and that includes the background check the state does on you. There is also a $200 state test fee to take your written exam upon finishing my course.
  • 07. How long does it typically take to get licensed once finishing your course.
    Once you pass my course, you will send in your application and letter of completion. The state will then send you an approval letter with test registration information. Once the state gets your passed results in they will issue your license by mail. Once you receive the license in person, you are then able to legally take clients in the state of Oklahoma.
  • 08. How old do you have to be to get licensed to do permanent makeup legally in Oklahoma?
    You must be at least 21 years of age. On top of this, you must also show proof of your High School Diploma or equivalent, along with no felonies or misdemeanors on your record. You must also be a U.S. citizen. The OSDH will check all of this during your background check upon completion of the course.
  • 09. Who oversees certified Medical Micropigmentation aka Cosmetic tattoo in Oklahoma?
    The Oklahoma State Department of Health; Consumer Services
  • 10. What if I can't find all 18 models for your Oklahoma licensure fundamentals program.
    You are required and responsible for finding your models for clinicals. Once student has shown proof all efforts, the instructor is not required to, but can assist the student in finding models.
  • 11. Do I have to work under a doctor after I graduate?
    Yes. You must be under the supervision of an MD, DO, or DDS.
  • 12. Can I open my own studio once I am licensed?
    You most definitely could. If your medical director isn't on site for a minimum of 20 hours a week then oversight will need to be delegated to an RN, NP, OR PA that is on sight. It could be set up just like a med spa. That would have to be discussed with your overseeing physician. These rules and regulations are overseen by the medical board which oversees the doctors.
  • 13. How do I go about finding a doctor to work under?
    Just like you would any other job. Many students find work in med spas in their area, work under other PMU artists, or have a room set up within a medical or dental office. Putting together a portfolio with your work from my class is a good conversation starter.
  • 14. Is there a fee to be a model?
    Yes, there is a tray set up fee for $150 for each procedure. ​
  • 15. Can I do body tattoo once I have my Oklahoma Medical Micropigmentation license?
    No. In the state of Oklahoma it is illegal for body tattoo artists to do permanent makeup. It is also illegal for permanent makeup artists to do body tattoo. The only time doing both would be legal is if you are licensed in both. In this case, the licensed permanent makeup artist cannot do body tattoo in a tattoo shop.
  • 16. ​​Am I required to do continuing education by OSDH once licensed?
    Continued education is not required. However, I highly recommend keeping up with continued education throughout your career once licensed. To sign up with a trainer in Oklahoma, and to receive your certificate from the Health Department, these must be followed and a background check will be performed by Oklahoma Health Department after training to verify your qualifications. ​*To become licensed in Oklahoma these must all be true. If false, and later checked by Health Department you will not be given a refund on any training. ​1. Have received High School Diploma or higher education. 2. Be at least 21 years of age. 3. Cannot have a felony or misdemeanor on record. ​Things you will need on hand to turn in once you finish your Oklahoma Medical Micropigmentation Training Program. 1. Notarized certificate of birth 2. drivers license or other similar form of identification. 3. Proof of Oklahoma Medical Micropigmentation course completion. 4. Written test fees 5. Medical Micropigmentation license application fees. ​In Oklahoma, all medical micropigmentologists are REQUIRED BY LAW to work inside of a physicians office. It is recommended that you start looking immediately for a doctor to oversee you, and will allow you to work inside their building. The health department will not allow the doctor to "sign off" for you. The health department will double check all information provided to them.
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