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After years of endless plucking and various shape changes it can be impossible to grow your natural brow hairs back and with eyebrows being one of the key features on your face it can quickly become a problem for you and your makeup regime. This is why I absolutely love this treatment. It enables me to give you a much more symmetric set of brows and whether it’s a subtle brow lift or adding individual hairs to sparse areas these results can be life changing. This treatment will instantly enhance all other facial features and create more youthful approach along with giving you a mini face lift. Once you have your new brows you wouldn’t be without them.




Whether it’s to achieve a more defined lip line, restore color to give a move youthful appearance or add volume to lips that have lost fullness with age, this is the treatment for you! Redefining the outline of your lips can also help improve asymmetries and imperfections you may have. With a wide variety of colors to choose from, I will mix a custom-made shade best suited for you. All you need to do is add a clear gloss and you are ready to go.




Lash enhancement- For this treatment I implant little dots of mineral pigment between the eyelashes creating a darker border which gives the effect of thicker darker lash line. This treatment is perfect for ladies wanting to achieve longer thicker eyelashes while still looking completely natural.

Permanent Eyeliner- If you struggle to apply your eyeliner correctly every day then this could be the solution for you. Giving you professional smudge free results that stay looking perfect all day, not only saves time but also means waking up feeling beautiful every morning. With a very neatly applied eyeliner this can open up the eye area making the eyes appear bigger and eyelashes look longer. This treatment is perfect for your everyday lifestyle and instantly makes you feel more confident when not wearing any makeup.

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